Pressing Matters Issue 14


Pressing Matters Issue 14 – Printmaking Magazine

As the new year commences, it’s important to stay hopeful and celebrate new beginnings. Having spent a lot more time in 2020 working from home, the views from our windows have taken on new meanings – making us perhaps a little more receptive to the small moments and subtle changes that make the world go round.

Issue 14 is a celebration of artists digging deep in their everyday lives to keep on creating. Making work that’s borne from a need to stay connected to the things they love – their culture, their love of nature and sometimes their favourite musicians.

Even in these times of rules and restrictions, the spirit of collaboration, community and, above all, ingenuity shine on, proving that printmaking can be a tonic for the soul as well as a treat for the eyes. And boy, are you in for a treat!

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