I make functional ceramics decorated with figurative drawings. Each piece is unique, hand-made and individually decorated.

All my work is made using a red earthenware clay which is then decorated using coloured slips, achieving a warm and quietly colourful finish. Like the images on them the shapes are kept simple; made using hand-processes such as press-moulding, coiling and throwing.

When it comes to the decoration I work intuitively and spontaneously, using paper stencils to create the initial design. Paper stencils allow me to make each one different, to balance the composition and keep a playful element to my creative process. A layer of slip is then brush on and once the paper resists have been removed, I draw freehand using a technique known as sgraffito to pick up lines, make marks and give energy to the drawings.

My ceramics, I’m told make people smile, often are a celebration of the simple joys in life and the people, places, things we treasure. I have been a full time potter since 1994 following on from completing a degree in ceramics and 3D design at Bath in 1990

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