My name is Lynn Davis, and I have been trading under the name Unearthed since July 2016.

I have designed and made silver jewellery since 2000. Whilst my collections have differed over the years, they have a common thread – an eclectic union of new and old, bringing a sense of story and connection.

Half Canadian, half British, I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. A few years after earning my degree in Business, I yearned to learn something more creative and began the Jewellery Art and Design Program with Vancouver Community College.

After moving to the UK and then Staffordshire in 2008, I found it tough being away from Canada. Often whilst digging in my garden, I would find a pottery shard. I started a collection – along the canal, the common, and in other counties, such as Shropshire and also in Wales. It was researching this collection of shards that made me feel connected to this area. It wasn’t long before my love for this collection merged with my love of jewellery making and the idea for Unearthed was officially born: to create jewellery for others, providing them with their own shard of history, that upcycles unearthed, man-made materials into jewellery with a story that creates connection and evokes memories and stories.

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